Ouroboros Organic Wholefood Cafe
Ouroboros is a organic wholefood cafe in the heart of Surry Hills. Every day their large, wooden, communal tables are filled with people coming together over a simple philosophy: 

fresh, organic produce  
minimilastic & contemporary design 
 impeccible service. 

On top of their seasonal food choices, Ouroboros serves cold-pressed juices, organic teas and organic sparkling drinks.

| Mon - Fri :  7 - 4pm |
| Sat : 8 - 4pm |
| Sun : 9 - 3pm |


     (02) 9698 3691

Glenn Uzell

Margaret Zamagias

"The owner Emmanuel is very passionate and detailed in his work. He strives to make sure customer experience is top of the list... If you want exceptional health food with great coffee and fantastic service then I'd strongly recommend Ouroboros"

"Great food with great staff with amazing atmosphere. Will be coming back very soon."

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118 Devonshire St, 

Ouroboros Organic Wholefood Cafe